2020 has knocked you on your ass.

It’s been a rough year. 
A year that none of us will ever forget.
Even if you haven’t lost someone close to you,
you’ve experienced some form of loss.
Most people are waiting to go back to “normal,” but we’ve all been touched by so much loss that “normal” has a different meaning.

We’ll each be on a journey to define a new normal for quite some time, maybe even years after 2020 has ended.

And that’s scary.

2020 has put everyone face-to-face with a topic most people spend their entire lives avoiding until they can’t...

Until they’re forcefully paralyzed by its grips...

Grief (A.K.A Fear of Loss)

The end of 2020 does not mean the end of your relationship with grief.
It does not mean the end of facing loss.

Every living being has a lifelong relationship with grief and loss from the moment they are born, though unfortunately it often takes major events for most people to notice it. 
While 2020 has certainly left its mark on our spirits, that doesn’t mean the journey must end in defeat.
In fact, we can use the lessons gained during this tumultuous time to support ourselves in building a life of meaning.

With grief as the teacher.

Hi, I’m Breeshia

I am a Grief Expert and the author of Grieving While Black: An Anti-racist Take on Oppression and Sorrow, available in stores nationwide. I received my B.A from Stanford University and completed my M.A at the University of Chicago. I also completed training as a lay ordained Zen Buddhist end-of-life caregiver via Upaya Zen Center. 

I spent five years working in end-of-life care via hospitals and hospice while actively being involved in racial justice work. I use my role as an end-of-life caregiver to encourage those who are not facing illness, death or dying to be open to what grief can teach them about desire, life and relationships. My goal is to break open my clients' conception of grief beyond concrete, past loss to recognize the ways that fear of impermanence drives every aspect of their lives.  I've given workshops at institutions and companies across the country, including Stanford University, UC Berkeley, and the University of Washington.


 My work has been featured in Cosmo, Shondaland, Lion's Roar, Huffpost, Fast Company, and more.