OmniPresent is here to do two things:

1. Guide you in using fear (e.g. of failure, of success, of change, of loss) to help you make more informed life choices instead of being driven towards an unfulfilled life.

2.  Teach you how to use your relationship to impermanence to build a life of meaning--right now.

Ready to stop tossing time to the wind and show-up powerfully in your own life?

Are you…

Held back by fear of failure?

Afraid of change?

Struggling with boundaries?

Unable to live up to the person you aspire to be?

Awful at dealing with conflict?

Struggling to make your next career move?

Constantly caught in power struggles?

Plagued by FOMO and Social Media Envy?

Weighed down by unfulling relationships?

Paralyzed within your anti-racist efforts?

If you answered "yes" to at least two of the above, read on....

Being present is not a passive pursuit. 

And despite what the media might have you think, it’s not always glamorous either.

It's hard work getting down and digging deep into the garden of your own life.

Gardens require more than sunshine to grow...

The nutrients you're looking for are in the dirt.

If you're ready to:

Take a more active role in shaping your life direction…

Ensure that you have minimal regrets at your life’s end

Embrace impermanence instead of fearing it….

You’re in the right place.

Let me show you the tools that’ll help you engage authentically and healthily with yourself and others, whether it’s through anti-racist work, your career, or with your family and friends.

Get Your Life Today

Meet The Founder

Hi, I’m Breeshia.

I received my B.A from Stanford University and completed my M.A at the University of Chicago. I also completed training as a lay ordained Zen Buddhist end-of-life caregiver via Upaya Zen Center.

In the evenings, I use my role as an end-of-life caregiver to encourage those who are not facing illness, death or dying to be open to what grief can teach them about sex, desire, life and relationships via writing, online courses and in-person workshops.

My book, Grieving While Black, advocates for using mindfulness as a tool to expand the world’s conception of grief beyond concrete loss. I call attention to the numerous ways our experiences of inherent grief, related to the reality of impermanence, impact the way we (mis)understand power, craft self-image, and approach boundaries, conflict and accountability. 

It's time to re-imagine ad re-invent your life in a powerful way!